Integrate billing, payments and vouchers

Use Flightnet options to generate statements of prepayments and vouchers.

Create statements in Flightnet

Since flight data is collected in the tech log, you can use it for the billing as well. When using all options, it works this way:

  1. Before the flight, multiple vouchers are assigned to the reservation.

  2. The pilot records post flight data and marks used vouchers.

  3. A staff member first checks the positions calculated from the flight data and confirms vouchers validations. In addition, manual adjustments to the positions can be made.

  4. Then the settlement is signed off and automatically debited, given the customer has a positive account balance.

  5. Finally, remaining amounts are invoiced with an external billing software.

Vouchers and advance payments

You can enter the vouchers and advance payments in Flightnet manually. If you use Select Line, this process will even work automatically.

Flightnet and accounting

You can export all credit account data from Flightnet - either with detailled items or summarily per quarter. In both cases, the included VAT is reported. In addition, you can evaluate what vouchers including amount were devalued in a period of time.