Flightnet is one of the most advanced and versatile plane reservation and administration systems. Actually it is a business software for operations of General Aviation, regardless of the size or private or commercial operation.

In operation since 2001, Flightnet was rewritten in 2010 in modern Microsoft ASP.NET technology, providing the base for a comprehensive, secure and high-performing system. Since 2011, we have gradually expanded Flightnet with various options.

The company

Flightnet is a product of Nexon Solutions GmbH. We are a Swiss software company with headquarter in Bolligen near Bern. Our company has been active for the aviation industry since its inception in the year 2000.

The concept

Flightnet maps business processes of general aviation. We focus on aviation-specific processes in our system and leave the rest to standard solutions, such as billing. We don't want to reinvent the wheel.

As a pure browser-based solution, Flightnet can be accessed with a variety of devices such as PCs, tablets or smart phones.

With the pricing based on a monthly subscription, the costs on the number of airplanes depend on the benefit for you. Instead of buying expensive software licenses or worrying about the operation of server systems, you can concentrate on your core business. Spend your time flying!

The integration

Our motto is: entering once is enough. Consequently, we offer a programming interface to reuse data from Flightnet in other applications.