Scheduling can be so easy yet versatile

Reserve with ease

In Flightnet, you lucidly see the reservations of the coming days and weeks. Even more - also the availability of instructors, the operating hours of the airport, the persons on duty and bank holidays are displayed. Thanks to the personal settings, you'll only see reservations of aircraft and flight instructors that really matter to you. The personal hint text indicates which flight instructor is assigned to you and other personal information.

Once ready for the flight, you can print the flight log straight from Flightnet.

Flightnet works with all modern browsers and operating systems, of course.

Email and SMS

New reservations, changes or cancellations can be confirmed by email and/or SMS. So you are always up to date.

Aircraft already taken?

No problem! You can save your reservation on the waiting list, with unlimited overlaps to existing reservations. As soon as the plane becomes available for the whole period, it will be reserved for you and you will receive an confirmation by email or SMS.

Display reservations in your calendar

Keep track of your reservations and include Flightnet in your calendar. This way the reservations are displayed as appointments in Microsoft Outlook, the iPhone or iPad calendar or other smartphones - regularly updated, of course.

By the way - there's a special login for mobile users.

License management and reminder

Flightnet contains a complete management module for licenses as well as type and class ratings in accordance with EASA, FAA and other national standards. Before the expiration of a license, you will receive reminder emails in time. So you'll never miss the renewal of the medical or the proficiency check.

Is your pilot log up-to-date?

Apart from the record based on the tech log/flight report, you may also add it manually and export it to your log software.

Optional features

If your organization uses Flightnet options, a lot more possibilities are open: Passenger management and ticket printing, flight data collection and export to the pilot's logbook or check the account balance, as well as print documents. All with the same login, in the same system.