Manage reservations efficiently

The ergonomic representation allows an effortless overview of reservations with periods between one and 30 days. Colour-coded operating hours and holidays avoid erroneous reservations.

Lightning fast rescheduling by drag & drop New

Simply change a reservation by pulling or moving its bar in the overview. This way you can switch a reservation to another machine or move it to a later time in no time at all.

Manage availability and persons on duty

Thanks to the roster, the staff availability is visible for all users. With the person on duty display, the flight operations manager or engineer on duty can be found quickly.

Optimization of start and end times

Does the aircraft really have to be reserved for the flight briefing and debriefing portion? In Flightnet, you can define different start and end times for the aircraft, the pilot and the flight instructor. Or do you have mandatory pre- and postflight times? No problem in Flightnet.

Licenses and ratings check

Thanks to the integrated license management, when reserving you'll instantly see whether the pilot is current at all.

Concurrent instructor reservations

Such reservations can be specifically allowed or disabled.

Optional features

When using tech logs, you can also manage passengers. Additionally, Flightnet can check whether a pilot satisfies a recent flight experience requirements.

Do you use vouchers? Easily assign vouchers to reservations and validate them after the flight.