Manage the tech log online

Imagine you would only have to enter each figure once - that's the way it's done with Flightnet!

Entering once is enough

Our goal is that all data is entered once and then serves as a basis for the various processes and reports.

Therefore, we have implemented the electronic tech log in Flightnet. It can entirely replace the paper aircraft logbook.

Data entry by flight report New

Want something light? Then use our lightweight flight log. Simply collect post flight data (this won't replace your paper aircraft log).

Flight data processing in other modules

With the appropriate modules, you can calculate the price and create an invoice based on this data. Just as easy, you can create statistics or reports of hours flown.

Pilot log New

Based on the tech log/flight report, a record is generated automatically. You can complete and export it to your log software.

What's in it?

  • Defect management
  • Daily inspections
  • Meteo and flight planning data collection
  • Check of recent flight experience
  • Preflight check confirmation
  • Collection of flight data
  • Confirmation after the flight