Integration into the business solution Bexio™

Bexio Bexio is a business solution for small and medium-sized enterprises and allows complete digitalization from invoicing to dunning to accounting.

With our interface, the strengths of Flightnet and Bexio can be combined to simplify and accelerate billing enormously.

Invoice generation at the touch of a button

With just one click you can directly generate the ready-to-use invoice in Bexio. Then the enormous functional range of Bexio is at your disposal for further processing.

Why does Flightnet use Bexio instead of its own invoicing with dunning?

Simple invoicing is done quickly. But is that enough? No one can permanently reproduce and extend the functional scope of an end-to-end digitalization solution like Bexio economically in an industry solution like Flightnet.

Better a seamless integration for a maximum user experience from the best of both worlds.