Integration into the commercial billing software Select Line ®.

We don't want to reinvent the wheel and build yet another billing system with Flightnet. After all, there already are so many ready-to-use billing systems. Instead, we provide a specific tool to connect to Select Line so that the data from Flightnet can be exchanged conveniently at the push of a button .

For this solution you need a local installation of Select Line and the Select Connect tool (a desktop software by Flightnet) as well as some Flightnet options (depending on your requirements).

Invoicing can be that easy

  • Let Flightnet calculate the billing positions based on flight data.
  • Check the positions and add manual changes if required.
  • Sign off the positions. If there is a positive balance on the local customer account, the amount is debited. For the remainder, a invoice is prepared.
  • Start the Select Connect tool locally on your PC and create invoices in Select Line by means of a mouse click.
  • Print out invoices in Select Line - done!

Just as effortless - transfer vouchers and payment in advance

  • In Select Line, create an invoice for the voucher or advance payment, using specially configured articles.
  • Print out the invoice and send it to the customer. The invoice number and the item number on the invoice serve as prepay or voucher number.
  • After the incoming payments have been processed, start the Select Connect tool.
  • The tool checks to see whether vouchers or payments have been paid and automatically loads them into Flightnet. Done!


Of course, you can use all the features of Select Line and link it to an accounting software. The full range of integration is open to you.

Where to get select line?

Select line is sold through local distributors of the manufacturer. For more information, please visit the country-specific sites ( Germany, Austria, Switzerland). There also is version in Italian.

Select Line is a registered trade mark of Select Line Software AG.