Manage credit accounts online

Do you manage credit accounts in Excel? In Flightnet, you can keep credit accounts per user, manage prepayments and debit flights or other amounts. Even a simple invoicing is possible.

The transparent accounting

Save the expenses for the printing and dispatch of statements for payments in advance and keep accounts in Flightnet instead. This way, the user can check his balance and debits online.

Positions calculated from flight data can be credited automatically. In addition, you can enter manual bookings as well as deposits of course.

After a change in the account balance, the user receives an email and can print an account statement or a tax-friendly statement online himself.

We greatly focus on security. The bookings always are comprehensible and accessible by authorized persons only.

About billing

Basically, we don't have integrated billing in Flightnet, since we don't want to reinvent the wheel. We rather use standard solutions instead.
However, by allowing negative account balances, Flightnet may still be used for very basic billing.