You can count on these features


  • Overview (3-30 days)
  • Alter or move reservations by drag & drop New
  • Day view
  • Various reservation types with color differentiation
  • Different start and end times for aircraft, pilot and flight instructor
  • Mandatory pre-and postflight times (optional)
  • Database with 38'000 airports for take-off and landing site
  • Display the status of flight instructor and pilot while reserving (licenses, ratings)
  • Internal comments (visible only with special permission)
  • Search reservation for date, pilot, flight instructor, and registration
  • Hide reservation details (privacy mode)

Configurable reservation rules

  • Reservation only if contract, rating, check flight, LAPL, proficiency and medical are valid
  • General reservation limits (the maximum number of hours)
  • Individual reservation limits per user
  • Reservation only within opening hours
  • Reservation only within a number of days before the start
  • Multiple concurrent bookings per flight instructor (optional exclusive bookings for individual reservations)
  • Require remark on reservation
  • Require remark on cancellation

Reservation procedures

  • Waiting list
  • Unlimited reservations on waiting list
  • Any start and end times
  • Automatic reservation notification if slot becomes free
  • Optional work flow with reservation request (manual confirmation by administration)

User management

  • Address management
  • Multiple email addresses per user
  • Various notification options
  • Managing licenses and ratings with expiration dates
  • Own ratings (for internal purposes), in addition to official ratings
  • Management of class and type ratings
  • Individual user groups with coordinated authorizations
  • Manage club membership expiration date
  • Individual hint text per user
  • Individual photo per user


  • Email notifications
  • Notifications by SMS (paid option)
  • Individual templates for notification texts
  • Reminder 90 days prior to expiry of licence, rating etc.

Operation and safety

  • Password-protected access
  • Data transmission using encryption (https)
  • Multiple daily backups to geographically distributed systems
  • Parallel backup system in a separate data center
  • 24/7 monitoring of server systems
  • Online support


  • maintenance reservations with automatic cancellation of reservations including notification
  • integration into the maintenance system CAMONET
  • special permissions for maintenance users

Duty roster and persons on duty

  • Duty roster with attendances / absences
  • Availability displayed in overview
  • Check availability on reservation
  • Manage persons on duty (engineer, flight ops etc.)
  • Display of person on duty on reservation


  • In German, French, English, Italian and Spanish
  • Database with over 38'000 airports
  • Any time zones
  • Management of opening hours
  • Management of holidays


  • Access via SOAP Web services
  • Protected by private key
  • Download reservations
  • Download addresses
  • Download core data for reservations
  • Upload invoicing core data
  • Download invoices
  • Change invoice status
  • Upload vouchers
  • Upload prepayments

Data import and export

  • Export and import user data
  • Export reservations

Licenses and ratings

  • EASA licenses and ratings
  • Country-specific licenses and ratings (FAA, TCA, etc.)
  • Customer-specific licenses and ratings


  • Overview (3-30 days at the same time) of aircraft and personnel
  • Day view
  • Representation of room reservations
  • Colour marking of the opening hours
  • Individual filters for aircraft
  • Your own reservations embedded as a calendar in Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, iPad, or Google Calendar
  • Synchronization of reservations with Outlook
  • Download of the reservations as iCal calendar data
  • Display your logo in Flightnet
  • Photos of users and aircraft


  • Browser-based solution
  • Runs on all common browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google chrome, Opera etc.)
  • No dependency on additional components such as Silverlight or Java
  • Suitable for PCs with Windows, MacOS, Linux, as well as tablets (iOS, Android, Windows 8) and others
  • Special access for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows phone and more)
  • State of the art technology (Microsoft ASP.NET JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5)

Pilot log New

  • Records automatically generated based on flight report/tech log for pilot and instructor
  • Manual modifications (e.g. day/night or PIC/dual breakdown)
  • Export of records to your log software

Flight data recording (option)

  • Two ways to enter data - flight report or technical log New
  • EASA compliant technical log (aircraft logbook)
  • Management of defects
  • Daily inspections
  • Workflow to enter the tech log
  • Examination of recent flight experience New
  • Collection of information regarding weather & flight preparation New
  • Acquisition of all data needed for billing
  • Print tech log as PDF with individual template
  • Export tech log data

Price calculation (option)

  • Management of articles, control codes, and company accounts
  • Automatic calculation of positions from flight minutes, landings, instruction time etc.
  • Visual check of the positions
  • Manual corrections
  • Automatic debit on account with a positive balance
  • Allocation of vouchers, calculation of balances
  • VAT compliant

Flight billing (option)

  • Maintain an account per user
  • User balance display on login page
  • Manual entry of bookings (deposit, debit, payment)
  • Debit amounts based on flights
  • Transparent display for user
  • VAT compliant
  • Print bills (for VAT purposes) and account statements (PDF)
  • Email to users on account balance change
  • Secure by special encryption

Vouchers (option)

  • Voucher management
  • Assign vouchers to reservations
  • Debit amounts in vouchers, devaluation
  • Cancel vouchers in the tech log
  • Variouse voucher reports
  • Voucher search

Passengers (optional) New

  • Enter passengers
  • Assign passengers to rotations
  • Print tickets
  • Search passengers
  • Special handling of flights (passenger booking through reseller)


  • Integration of the CAMO plus maintenance system Camonet
  • Automatic transfer of operational data (hours etc.) to Camonet
  • Exchange of data on defects

Interface to Select line (optional)

  • Data exchange between Flightnet and Select Line on a button click
  • Import customers and items from select line in Flightnet
  • Import of advance payments and vouchers from select line bills in Flightnet
  • Export invoice data from Flightnet to select line

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