The integrated solution

Flightnet covers all features from the reservation through flight reports to invoices.

A platform for you and your pilots

Thanks to the wide range of functions, Flightnet serves as a central platform for you and your pilots or customers. Handle all steps between the initial reservation through flight preparation, flight data acquisition and processing of vouchers to debiting in the same system.

Specialized and integrated

The separation of responsibilities is simple: all branch-specific steps are covered by Flightnet, the rest by other standard solutions, which are connected through interfaces. This avoids expensive and error-prone duplication of work.

As examples: Select Line or Small Invoice for billing, Camonet for maintenance.

Fine-tuned user permissions

In Flightnet, you can define your own roles scheme for groups and their permissions. As a result, Flightnet user groups can match the structure of your organization, not vice versa.

Reservations and type permissions

The integrated license management gives you a tool to limit reservations. Accordingly configured, aircraft can be booked only by pilots with a corresponding type or class rating. At the time of reservation, a note is displayed also if the medical, LPL or any rating is about to expire or has already expired.

Reservation rules

With detailed settings, you can enforce different rules or make sure that a reason is always entered for a reservation cancellation.

Reports, graphs and statistics

Flightnet already has a number of integrated statistics and graphical reports. In addition, you can export all data on reservations and flight data and analyze it more accurately.