Integration into the online billing software Smallinvoice Beta

Want to manage everything online? Use the inexpensive online billing application Smallinvoice to manage invoices from Flightnet conveniently online. This is particularly handy for clubs if several members need to have access to the invoicing system, regardless of their location. You can even connect an online accounting software to it.

For this solution, you need a Smallinvoice account and Flightnet with the options Smallinvoice, tech log, flight billing and account.keeping (for advance payments) or vouchers as required.

Invoicing can be that easy

  • Let Flightnet calculate the accounting positions from the flight data.
  • Check the positions and add manual changes if required.
  • Sign off the positions. If there is a positive balance on the customer account, the amount is debited. For the remainder, a invoice is prepared.
  • Generate the invoice in Smallinvoice from Flightnet by means of a mouse click.
  • Load the invoice from Smallinvoice in Flightnet and print it right away - done!

Mulitlingual invoices

Smallinvoice can be used in German and English and is capable of generating invoices in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Currently, the option is available as a beta version on request only.